Our Mission Statement:

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 Our Mission:

  • To rescue equines from slaughter.
  • To ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach.
  • To provide transportation, holding facilities, humane and quality care for abused, abandoned and neglected horses and other animals.
  • To promote public awareness for the dramatic prevalence of horse slaughter, animal abuse and neglect.
  • To involve the community in events, activities and a continuing environment which teaches patience, kindness and creates a sense of moral and social well-being.


If you want to join our cause and can help with our mission to help equines everywhere, please click HERE  to go right to Paypal to make your tax deductible donation. Our paypal email is

Check donations can be mailed to Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue, 288 Hartford Rd., Medford, NJ 08055. Our phone number is 609-820-6377.

We are always trying to raise funds to rescue horses that are standing in kill pens. Urgent and immediate needs are always posted on our facebook page. To help with this lifesaving endeavor, we need funds for quarantine, medical funds, vaccines, farrier and dentistry. The easiest part of pulling these horses is paying their slaughter price to the kill broker. Once they get pulled off the lot it costs us on average about $700 in the first 30 days.

There are many ways to help, consider volunteering your time either by helping with the chores and grooming at the rescue or by hosting a fundraising event, please send us an email to or call/text Darlene at 609-820-6377 or feel free to drop us a message on facebook.





501C3 Charity Organization Entity ID 400492577, EIN # 45-5340643